• May 23, 2014

Putting our product to the test.

Little do people know that the curated collections at RM are inspired by my personal obsession with each of the categories we sell at Robert Mason. A lifestyle brand centered around office products? Whoa. Who wouldn’t be addicted to these awesome things?

We at RM call this a "Suppliophile"

A person who has a lusty love for all things office supply, including but not limited to; the smooth glide of a pen on paper, the smell of a brand new leather notebook, the first time sharpening a Blackwing Pencil, the pink perfection of an unused eraser, and the way a post-it can give menial tasks a colorful delivery. 

Yes, I am, always have been and always will be addicted to office supplies.

I am a supplophile.

Some of my favorite things are not yet back to our online store, but worry not. This is why Awesome Mondays happen! Each week, we are working with our vendors and designing product that will come back online until eventually, everything you loved about our Pop-up Store is back in-stock. This is not just RM brand. All brands that we love like Moleskine, Lamy, Christian Lacroix and Offensive+Delightful. Plus, we are adding brands we haven't shared with you yet.

I’m scouring the office supply heavens around the globe to bring our suppliophiles new things to become obsessed with. With the power of our online store, I can bring these finds to you sooner. Watch for New Arrivals every Awesome Monday.

I am also a client and use our products. As you can imagine when being immersed in new product on a daily basis, it is hard to pick favorites, or stay with one for very long before being mesmerized by the next. I will share my "current" favorite laptop bag, which I use every single day, from our 2014 Spring RM Canvas Collection.

I carry the RM Trail Laptop Bag, constructed of Heavyweight Canvas with Leather Accents, Antique Brass Grommets and 2 Antique Brass Closures. A new feature on this bag that I love is the full-leather strap. In true RM Vintage-Style, the full leather strap adds the perfect accessory to any outfit from business professional to casual.


I carry the Black Canvas version, and use it with a MacBook Pro 13”. The padded laptop compartment will hold up to a 15” and uses a strap to secure the device. The canvas is unique in that it appears black in low light and has a hint of rich, dark navy blue in other light. A chameleon of bags!

This is a Perfect Grad Gift… and an awesome idea for Dad!

Happy Memorial Day, Thank You to those who serve and have served our country. My brother Jonathon served in the Army based out of Fort Leonard Wood and is now on-staff here at Robert Mason. Our hats are off to you brave folks. We appreciate your service.