• May 15, 2014

We say it a lot. So here’s why we want you to “get inspired.”

The power of inspiration and inspiring others is often discounted. In this age of technology replacing or complimenting creativity, it is imperative that we still seek to inspire.

RM has been seeking to inspire for years and is built upon a culture of creativity and the lost art of penmanship. Not only does that reinforce our vintage-inspired product lines, it inspires our customers to write in a journal when they had not before. It inspires you to send a card to your friend just because. It might inspire you to make your workday better by adding a source of fun and excitement by writing with a new pen for the first time. However we inspire you, we aim to do it as our mission statement and tagline.

I’d like to share how I was inspired in wake of the recent events at our Columbus store.

The morning after the loss of the store was not my brightest day. My staff, family and friends kept me up, I am thankful to them for that. With a fresh cup of Cafe Brioso coffee, I sat down to see what was happening in social media. The support, posts, Facebook messages and the spirit of our customers overwhelmed me. A particular post on Facebook is one that I will never forget.

A customer posted a picture wearing a leather wristband purchased from RM stating that he was wearing it that day in solidarity for Robert Mason.

That moment of inspiration was exactly what I needed. His post inspired me to move forward and begin to think about the future, not the past. People were counting on us to do that.

After speaking to him later, we learned that we had inspired him some time earlier with the wristband and he had blogged out others to share his inspiration.

Think of what we could do if we all inspired someone else. And then they inspired someone. That’s a lot of inspired.

We call that #inspireforward

Because the leather wristband was at the center of it all, I felt it would be appropriate to create a Limited Edition Robert Mason "inspired" Leather Wristband to commemorate this event and give you a reminder, just like our customer did, to stay inspired.

Purchase online and pair with our matching Burgundy Leather Collection, made from the same leather hides. RM Leather Wristbands are created from the scrap after our collections of journals, bags and accessories are produced as part of our promise to up-cycle and remain conscious of our footprint. You'll look pretty spiffy sporting a matching Burgundy journal too!

get inspired.