• Feb 17, 2015

Fashion Week Drives Trends

New York Fashion Week sets trends by simply being some of the first. And the best. The runway shows that are happening this week may be effecting what we’re wearing for years to come. How exactly does the trend catch on?

Life imitates art imitates life.

Trendsetters live both in the real world and in the fashion world. If you’re surrounded by these creative individuals, you’ll get inspired, which will make other people get inspired. New York Fashion Week designers (like the other fashion capitals) draw from experiences in their life and their cities, which is why certain looks sometimes trend on runways at similar times.

The big city trendsetters tend to be designers (obviously), artists and performers, young people (under 30), and/or wealthy. Sometimes the trend happens organically, with a pop culture event or movement (movie or textile events) leads many to create their own perspective on it. Other times designers are simply good at observing what’s happening and taking it to the next level.

Trickle Down Effect

Once these big name designers try out a look, celebrities and magazines often pick it up first. Always wanting to be in the know, magazine editors – and now bloggers – influence their followers by creating the experience for the customers. Sometimes they’ll create themes from the runways, including looks from multiple designers into one loose idea or look for their fans.

Stores have fashion consultants whose job is to ensure they know all about ‘the next big thing’ and store buyers will pick up a less exaggerated - and/or less expensive - version of the runway so that it’s more easily accessible to customers. From there it gets passed down to those at more fashionable stores at the top, to those at the bottom buying it years later in a bin. When, at that point, the next big trend is already starting.