• Mar 24, 2015


Don’t know what upcycling is exactly? Dictionary.com defines it as this:

Upcycle: verb (used with object), upcycled, upcycling.

1. To process (used goods or waste material) as to produce something that is often better than the original.

In a way, upcycling is kind of like recycling. It’s using what would normally be thrown away and making it into something new. The main difference is that recycling is breaking down the old materials and processing it to use again. While yes, this means it’s not thrown away immediately, over time the material can degrade in value (due to processing) or become contaminated and still ends up in a landfill.

Those who encourage sustainability often tout the benefits of upcycling. It uses an item in a new and interesting way, without hurting the materials it is made of, so that it last generations – and keep it out of the trash.


One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

For those that are into Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, they can already tell you that there’s no such thing as waste. You’re imagination just isn’t big enough. That old wine bottle? Now a vase. Old beer bottles? Your new glassware. Old pillow cases? Now garment bags. Old dresser? The drawers can be turned into medicine cabinets, bulletin boards, serving trays, etc.

The possibilities are endless.

At Robert Mason Company, our favorite upcycled pieces are our wristbands. Often there is leftover leather from creating bags and journals, and we didn’t want to waste the high-quality, durable material. We got inspired and created a few designs.



The skinny slices leftover from getting our edges just right end up in one of our skinny wristbands. Some of them even have orange or teal stitching to give it a bit of flair.



Our bigger wristbands are either longer or thicker than the skinny pieces. Long pieces can wrap around your wrist a few times, or the thick ones can be snapped into place. 



From our Hue Collection, these wristbands give you a pop of color. You can even color coordinate with other products from the collection.

For many of these wristbands, the natural wear and tear of the leather will create a personalized look after time. While you are out living your life, your wristband will come to show a bit of your adventures.


The Circle of Life

We want our products to inspire. To be timeless. To last generations. We understand that to do that, not only does our products have to be made with the best materials and craftsmanship, but we have to ensure that we are living sustainably. Just like generations before us, we want to make things a little better than before.


Upcycling does just that – creating something beautiful from something that others would call waste.  Hopefully this inspires you to take a look at what is around you and give something a second chance before tossing it to the wayside.