• Mar 31, 2015

A La Souvarov. The Anchor. Balbo. Cantinflas. Copstash standard. Ducktail. Franz Josef. French Fork. And of course, the Fu Manchu.

What do all of these have in common?

They’re types of beards. You may have heard of a few as the rise of facial hair has become more prevalent in the recent years.

You’ve also probably heard of the term ‘Lumbersexual.’ It’s the bearded guy walking down the street. His flannel shirt says he’ll cut down a tree and build a fire – all while maintaining perfectly coifed facial hair. In fact, he probably uses product on that beard. Maybe even more products than some people use on their hair.

Which makes sense. When you grow your hair out that long, you’re going to want to take care of it.



The Lumbersexual

Lumbersexuals are not lazy bachelors that have forgotten the feeling of smooth skin. Their beards are a sign of someone who likes to take care of himself. They also look like someone who will take care of you if there’s a grizzly bear heading your way.

But that’s just what he looks like. We can’t guarantee the follow through.

Their style seems to be a mix of vintage looks and the modern metrosexual – except the goal is not to look like they are stuck in some high-end office job. It looks as if he may actually go outside. He may even know a few things about Mother Nature.

He also knows a few things about taking care of his beard. It needs to be regularly shampooed, conditioned, combed, and trimmed. Just as many women change their hairstyles, these men can shape and contour their beards with oils to make the hair soft and shiny and wax to twist and turn it until it sits in the right spot.



Beard Benefits

Bearded fellas get a lot of benefits from their facial hair. Studies show that men with full beards are seen as more masculine, healthier, and have better parenting skills than men without beards (since they appear to have more maturity). Although men with heavy stubble (not full, heavy beards) are seen as most attractive by men and women, big beards are a way of separating oneself from the pack when looking for a mate.

And without the constant shaving, there’s less irritation from razors, so no more ingrown hairs and red rashes. Less shaving can also mean less zits, or for some people, the hair can cover bad acne. Facial hair tends to keep the face warm during the winter and moisturized during the summer.

More importantly, a beard blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays from the sun – meaning there’s less chance of skin cancer and less wrinkles in old age. Asthma sufferers can breathe easier because the beard acts as a filter blocking dust and pollen from entering the respiratory system.

So not only will you look healthier, but you’ll actually be healthier.


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