• Jun 19, 2015

If I asked you to describe what love means, could you? If I asked you to explain what it really means to love something or someone, what would you say? Would your answer be simple? Would it be complicated? I asked myself the same question, and this is what I came up with.

Love is encouraging, yet love is daunting. It is surprising yet predictable. It’s heart-stirring and hair-raising. Love is bold and love is brash. Love is calming yet love is frightening. Love is powerful.

The amount of power that love can have is both unbelievably encouraging yet absolutely terrifying. I believe we all encounter love at one point or another. Now I’m not talking about the love like you would a friend, a relative or even your average boyfriend or girlfriend. I’m talking about real love…that once or twice in a lifetime kind of love. It’s not often, but when you find real love, it’s truly the ultimate safety net.

Imagine a day where nothing seems to go right. You could total your car, lose your job, break your arm…really just imagine that your dealt the worst hand possible. But then you come home, and you see that one person that just owns your heart…and you smile. That right there is your safety net. When life kicks you off of a ledge and throws you into a free-fall…love will catch you. No matter what happens, no matter what goes wrong…everything is okay at the end of the day when you have that person that you get to see when it’s over.

The most beautiful aspect of love is that it is universal. It is not bound to a specific culture or race. Love does not play favorites, nor does love care about any other physical attribute than one’s heart. Regardless who you are or who you love, love does not falter nor does love alter. Love does not change based on who or what is loved, for love is not tailored to any specific party. Love holds no bias for love is applicable to us all.

There are more adjectives to describe love than any other word in the English dictionary. How can something so contradictory be explained? My point is that it can’t and people shouldn’t try to. The word love has so much depth, that no attempt at an explanation could possibly do it justice. There’s only one word that could possibly capture all of its beautiful and terrifying aspects. The only word that can completely describe loveis love.

Written by Riyad Bennoui