Bosca Old Leather Double Gusset Brief
$ 486.50 $ 695.00
The Bosca Old Leather Double Gusset Brief with traditional flap-over leather brief is a timeless classic. Adorned with a beautiful custom engraved Bosca key-lock enclosure. We've designed it for upright standing...
Bosca Old Leather Partners Brief
$ 521.50 $ 745.00
The Bosca Old Leather Partners Brief is all about Tradition with a twist. They took an old-school concept in the classic old leather Lawyer’s bag and turned it into curvy perfection! Splitting the...
Bosca Old Leather Single Gusset Stringer Bag
$ 479.50 $ 685.00
The Bosca Old Leather Single Gusset Stringer Bag is a sharp new additions to the Old Leather Collection. This smaller brief is built to stylishly hold everyday essentials. Lightweight in nature, the Single Gusset...
Bosca Ziptop Brief
$ 402.50 $ 575.00
The Bosca Ziptop Brief is a modern, slightly more casual twist on a classic style. The combination of hand-stained Washed Leather and vintage Italian cotton give the bag its signature feel. All that...
Peter Werth Finlay Business Bag
$ 153.99 $ 219.99
Any on-the-move worker knows that one of the biggest conundrums in life is how to lug all your folders, laptop and assorted paraphernalia around in something that doesn’t look like...
Robert Mason Signature Franklin Bag
$ 272.99 $ 389.99
Leather bags and briefcases are now hip and stylish accessories. The Franklin Leather Bag, from Robert Mason, is gender-neutral and can easily hold a 15” laptop computer. Whether your style...
The British Belt Company Langdale Briefcase Olive
Sold Out
The British Belt Company Langdale Briefcase crafted from tan leather and dark olive British made Halley Stevenson waxed twill. Built for practicality, this business bag features multiple pockets, padded laptop...
Will Leather Goods The Continental Briefcase
Sold Out
The story behind the Will Leather Goods Continental Briefcase... During World War II, Winston Churchill reportedly received shipments of Cuban cigars in locked leather bags to deter interference by unauthorized...
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