iPad & Phone Cases

Hex Focus iPhone 6/6s Plus Case
$ 15.99 $ 49.99
  At HEX not even a phone case is just a phone case. The Hex Focus Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus will, of course, give you increased protection for your phone,...
Hex Icon iPad Case
$ 48.99 $ 69.99
  The Hex Icon Folio for iPad's are a slim and sleek way to protect your device while providing maximum use options. The idea is to serve as an all-in-one solution...
Hex Icon Wallet iPhone 6/6s Plus Case
$ 18.99 $ 59.99
  The Icon Wallet for iPhone 6/6s Plus incorporates a slim, modern profile as well as several design directives to establish itself as the gold standard for iPhone wallet cases....
Robert Mason by Rustico Classic Leather iPad Sleeve
$ 41.99 $ 59.99
  Rugged, smart and protective, this Classic Leather Sleeve for your iPad will keep your iPad safe and sound. The Leather Sleeve is classic yet contemporary in style, resilient in substance,...
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