The Story

Some would say he’s an old soul.

While most teenagers were thinking of video games and kisses, Robert Mason Grimmett was already starting a business. At 13 he began selling business services out of his parents’ basement in Ravenswood, West Virginia. By 14 he had influenced his local government for zoning changes and received a business license.

Robert didn’t have to learn that manners were important, he was already providing his client’s with a dedication to quality and customer service that some adults never understand. He worked, he played, he dressed like he was from another time. A time that has not been forgotten.

As business grew, Robert opened Robert’s Design Studio that offered copy services, shipping services, supplies, and his burgeoning design skills in his hometown. It wasn’t enough. He didn’t want to be good. He wanted to be the best. At 20 he sold the store to his parents and moved to Chicago for art school.

During his adventure he worked with Limited Brands, Bath & Body Works, J. Crew, Abercrombie & Fitch, The Bombay Company, and even Pizzeria Uno.  In 2009 he rejoined the store in Ravenswood and rebranded it to Robert Mason. And now with years of experience behind him, he was ready to start again.


In 2013 he opened a pop-up store in Columbus, Ohio under his new vision. People connected with his vintage nostalgia, and due to demand, a second store soon opened. Unfortunately in April 2014, it burned and was a total loss.

Now once again, Robert is recreating something. Something bigger and better than before. Not only will there be a new store, but as of November 2014, Robert Mason is a global company with an online store.

From Robert’s Design Studio to Robert Mason, there’s no doubt there’s more creativity and life in his years than most. He’s proven it time and time again.


Who is Robert Mason?

He was just a kid in glasses. A kid who wore bowties because he liked them. A kid that had style. 

Robert Mason – the logo – is Robert Mason the owner. His first and middle name makes his brand, and a couple old photos from childhood made the logo. Robert started his grand ideas at 12-years-old, and they’ve grown into something that represents timeless quality. The name and image is a reminder that some things start small, but if we remain young at heart, we can become something bigger than ourselves.