Vintage Store Photo

It’s a real photo, from a real place, for a real company that we work with. Really.

"On the far right as you are looking at the pen case, is my grandfather Robert E. Kindel, the founder of R. E. Kindel Co. in Cincinnati, OH. Across from the pen counter was a pot belly stove - with a calendar above with a pic of Pres. Woodrow Wilson - so we think it's 1912 time frame,” said current CEO Ray Benza, who is also Robert E. Kindle’s grandson.

Founded in 1901, it remained the R.E. Kindel Co. until 1991 when they changed their name after aquisition of Ohio Pen Co. This century-old, Ohio-based, family-owned company has lasted generations because of their service and high quality products. It’s this reason why they continue to provide supplies to our Robert Mason Co. stores today.