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Field Notes Limited Edition Lunacy 3-Pack Memo Books

Field Notes

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Field Notes released the 32nd edition of their Colors series. Named "Lunacy", the notebooks pay tribute to Earth's moon. Featuring die-cut black front covers with embossed lettering, a matte varnish, and 60# gray paper printed with a reticle grid on the inside. The notebooks measure 3.5-inches by 5.5-inches. The three main covers feature cutouts: one for each of the full moon, half moon, and crescent moon. Finally, the back cover has a full moon embossment. Gasp! 


“Lunacy” is a limited-edition, so when they’re gone. they’re gone.


How this all started...

Well it's a perfect example of an idea that started simply and then got a bit out of hand. Okay, maybe more than a bit. Originally, Field notes basic concept was to do a 3-Pack of Memo Books celebrating the Harvest Moon. The story goes that then somebody asked, “What about highlighting the phases of the Moon?” Somebody else said “DIE-CUT!” which was followed quickly by a chorus of “Matte Varnish!” “Embossing!” and “Let’s make sure that people know how to avoid becoming a werewolf.” And the rest is history... 

Want to know more... 

The embossed covers are made from Neenah’s Classic Crest “Epic Black Stipple” which features a gorgeous, almost leathery finish. For the first time ever, Field Notes has die-cut the covers, using individual dies for each of the three books. One reveals a full moon, one a half moon, and one a crescent.

The moon that’s visible through the die-cut is printed in 4-color on a glossy flyleaf which also includes facts and folklore about earth’s constant companion, as well as a lovely shot of the dark side of the moon in the back of the books. The Field Notes logo is embossed with a subtle hit of varnish, and the back cover features an embossed full moon. The books are bound with black staples (of course), and the 48 body pages feature a reticle pattern on light grey “Moondust” pages.