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Palomino Blackwing March 2017 Pre-Order Limited Edition 12-Pack


$ 24.99
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Every three or so months, Palomino releases a new limited edition Blackwing Volume 12-pack. Each one with its own story, each one extremely unique, each one special… That time has come again!  

The next limited edition Volume will be launched in mid to late March. As usual, images and details are kept under lock and key and only announced on its release date. 

Be sure to get your pre-orders in to guarantee and secure as many as you would like. The last launch sold out just with its pre-orders!  

Blackwing is more than just a pencil, it's is an experience, and it's is an independent culture that breeds new ideas and encourages creative expression. It’s embodied by the people who still enjoy the tactile sensation of dropping the needle on pressed vinyl or flipping through the pages of a used book. Or, using a pencil.