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Fuyu-Gaki - Winter Persimmon - Iroshizuku Ink by Pilot

Pilot Fine Writing Collection

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Fuyu-gaki - Loosely translated to Winter Persimmon, this ink is an orange similar to the shade of a lusciously ripe persimmon. The color of the persimmon has been long used in Japan since around the late Heian period.

The name Iroshizuku is a combination of the Japanese words Iro (Coloring), expressing high standards and variation of colors, and Shizuku (Droplet), that embodies the very image of dripping water. Each ink name derives from the expressions of beautiful Japanese natural landscapes and plants, all of which contribute to the depth of each individual hue.

The gorgeous shades will fill your fountain pen with bold, beautiful and vivid colors. Each bottle is a beautifully crafted glass container designed with an innovative dip at the bottom to ensure the savory enjoyment of every last drop. 50ml.