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Robert Mason Signature Leather Care Dressing 8oz

Robert Mason Signature

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Robert Mason Leather Dressing

A rich lotion conditioner that is easily absorbed and deeply restores leather. Suited for thin leathers, pre-treated leathers and large leather items.

  • Great waterproofing
  • Powerful restoration
  • Deeply conditions
  • Buffs to a beautiful shine
  • All natural & locally sourced
  • Handmade in the USA


Leather is the skin of an animal and needs to have natural oils replenished on a regular basis. Exposure to the elements and regular wear will dry out and fade all leather goods. By re-oiling the leather, the original color will come back as well as the original softness and texture.

Throughout human history leather has been treated and protected with natural materials to ensure longevity. This is the basis for our recipes - hearkening back to the methods used in times past, with modern improvements.



Cleaning leather is a delicate and important matter that should be done as a stand alone process. Once all surface contaminants are scrubbed from the epidermal layers and the leather is allowed to dry, the conditioner can then be safely applied.



Robert Mason Leather Cleaner is all natural, pH balanced and gentle on all leather finishes. We recommend using a soft bristle brush or terry cloth that will not damage leather. For everything but deep stains this process will leave your leather clean and healthy.



Leather is sensitive in as many ways as it is beautiful and useful. Robert Mason Leather Cream and Dressing deeply condition by infusing natural oils and lipids that rejuvenate leather. If leather is not treated with a conditioner and waterproofer, leather will fade, crack and stain over time which eventually renders the item unusable.


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