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TWSBI Medium Notebook


$ 9.09
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In a world where mass market brands forget about the importance of paper quality, TWSBI has created a range of notebooks which are super fountain pen friendly. This notebook features a black, soft, leatherette cover, black strap to hold the notebook closed when not in use, a vibrant red ribbon place marker, and a collapsible folder in the back secured with red cloth. The outer cover is embossed on both the front and back with the TWSBI logo, and the rear also features the TWSBI brand name.This notebook lays extremely flat for unencumbered use, and the 240 white pages (120 sheets) are approximately 75gsm in weight.
  • High quality paper, especially suited to fountain pens
  • Available with a choice of paper: Plain, Lined or Grid.
  • Lined paper is 6mm ruled, grid has 5mm squares.
  • Rounded corners, elastic fastener, bookmark, pocket in back
  • Embossed with the TWSBI logo
  • 5.25" x 8.25" x .59"