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WalknTalk The Big Thinker Composition Notebook


$ 69.99
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Imagine you’re sitting down by the river, pen and notebook in hands, thinking about everything and nothing, wanting to write it all down and out of your head. Ordinary everyday life’s distractions are a faraway dull roar to you, lost deep in quiet contemplation. The interplay of light on the fragrant water, soft buzz of insects, delicate bird cries, feel of the pen, gentle unrelenting heat beat…all combine to set brain cells sparking and jumping in an excited flowing sensational symphony, as small ideas become Big Thoughts and the ink-dam bursts and wired unstoppable words begin to flood out onto the virgin white page of the new notebook…and all of a sudden the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Life is poetry. Write it down!


  • Dimensions: Fits all standard 7.5" x 9.75" inch comp. books.
  • Elastic Band Closure
  • Composition Notebook included.
  • Contrasting Stitching


WalknTalk works to build the highest quality handmade leather products with a variety of US-tanned leathers handpicked and sourced from Chicago since 1905.  Each Walkntalk product is hand-stitched to perfection, and made to last.